10 Steps to Buying a New Home

Are you a first time home buyer, or need a refresher course on what you need to do to buy a home? Here are ten quick steps that you need to follow:

Step 1:
 Getting your financials in order: What can you afford? We can recommend you to one of our preferred mortgage brokers; the Dominion Mortgage Pros are a great team to work with, plus they’re able to shop around with various lending institutions for the best mortgage for you.
Step 2: Evaluate your needs vs wants: make a list of all the things you need and all the things that you want in a home.

Step 3: Meet with your REALTOR®: whomever you choose to work with, make sure that they understand your needs, and that you feel that they have your best interests at heart. If you choose to meet with a SellerInvite.com REALTOR®, we’ll explain all the steps to buying a home in detail, and we’ll walk you through the purchase process.

At this point we’ll also explain how you can take advantage of our cash back program (and get back up to 75% of the commissions we earn when you buy your home with us).

Step 4: Find a lawyer: we have various lawyers that we’d be happy to refer you to.

Step 5:  Visiting homes: Now the fun starts! Your agent will book viewings that houses that you want to see, or houses that fit your criteria. You’ll go together with your agent to view potential houses, and hopefully, find the right one for you.

Step 6: Submitting your offer to purchase: Now that you’ve found your dream home, your agent will walk you through the steps for submitting your offer to the seller.

Step 7: Back to the bank: Now head back to your mortgage broker for final financing approval.

Step 8: Conditions day: When you placed your offer, you probably did it with conditions. Things like “financing conditions” and “inspection conditions” are put in place to protect you-so you’re not bound to a deal if your mortgage isn’t approved or if structural defects to the house are found on inspection! By conditions day, you’ll have already had your home inspection and your financing approved, and this is the day where conditions can be removed.

Step 9: Meet your lawyer:You will sign your mortgage documents and title transfer documents with the lawyer.Your lawyer will ensure funds are transferred on your possession day.

Step 10: Possession Date! We’ll give you the keys to your new home! Congratulations!

Are you ready to buy? Give  to meet with one of our dedicated buyer agents, or send us a message online!
Or… Check out our featured listings!

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About SellerInvite

Back in 2008, I founded SellerInvite.com with the idea of changing the real estate industry. I knew that many people selling their homes were unhappy with the services they were getting from REALTORS®, and they were unhappy with the amount they were paying. SellerInvite.com was built around the idea of allowing sellers to only pay for the services they receive. I am a REALTOR® (as are all my agents) and I believe that a REALTOR® can provide important information to their clients. I firmly believe that a good understanding of the market and your home's value is the basis to meeting your selling goals, and I strive to provide my clients with this.

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